The incredible jazz tree poster

I was in Berlin in the early 1990s – only a few years after the wall came down – and I found myself in a jazz club one night. It was there I first saw this poster – it was hanging on the wall – […]

Here’s my escapist playlist

Music for me is and has always been escapist. I listen and let the sweet melodies carry me away to a good place. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of satellite radio in my new vehicle – particularly, the Coffeehouse station XM. I love […]

Reverse engineering my own coffeehouse mix

I’ve been spending some time lately in a local coffeehouse while my boy takes a Kung Fu class. I have a skinny latte and try to squeeze in an hour of work before rushing out the door to pick up the boy. It just so […]

John Mayer proves there is such a thing

This song always amazes me when I listen to it. John Mayer seems to get a lot of mixed reviews out there, but when I first heard this song I was captivated. And I still am. It was not his looks (though I get why […]

Groovy lounge and jazz tunes for your next cocktail party

Do you like contemporary groovy lounge sounds mixed with mid-20th century jazz? Well, I do. And if I’m throwing a cocktail party and want some cool tunes, this is it. The best of the best, as far as I am concerned. I am also playing […]

Try to make sense of the things that you think

I love Ben Folds. He’s smart and funny and he makes lovely, very personal and human music. And he’s quite the collaborator. I came across this video today and love it. Take a listen…

Hanukkah Party 2007

Lots of planning went into this year’s party, like any other. The latkes were tasty, the food was oily, and the company was chatty. But, can you tell me why the party always concentrates in the kitchen? Leigh-Anne’s thoughtful party favours were a hit with […]