Turtle food

A funny thing happened during our trip to the zoo today. Funny things always seem to happen when David is around.

Epcot, Crush and Viking dudes

Epcot was an enjoyable day. The park was more enjoyable than I was led to believe. The modern design was interesting, though dated in places. Lots of attractions for the kids. Next time, we’ll spend more time at the country exhibits. However, for the kids, […]

The dragon and the butterfly

We though Ben was over his stomach problems. So did he. So we were all surprised when he barfed in the van on the way to the Magic Kingdom – again. (Maybe it was something about that park, in particular.) Eventually, the day got straightened […]

Disney parkhoppers

We were back at it again – hopping from park to park – this time at MGM Disney Hollywood. Pictured here are the teens and teen-wannabes watching the Beauty and the Beast show. Ben got off to a good start, but after days of barfing […]

Our Disney Odyssey Begins

Our Disney odyssey started on a cool windy day. Actually, it almost didn’t start. After all the travel and anticipation and excitement, wouldn’t you know that Ben woke up at 5:00 am barfing. Repeatedly. All morning. Every 30 minutes – like clockwork. After an initial […]