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Turtle food

Turtle food

A funny thing happened during our trip to the zoo today. Funny things always seem to happen when David is around.

Epcot, Crush and Viking dudes 0

Epcot, Crush and Viking dudes

Epcot was an enjoyable day. The park was more enjoyable than I was led to believe. The modern design was interesting, though dated in places. Lots of attractions for the kids. Next time, we’ll...

Disney parkhoppers 0

Disney parkhoppers

We were back at it again – hopping from park to park – this time at MGM Disney Hollywood. Pictured here are the teens and teen-wannabes watching the Beauty and the Beast show. Ben...

Our Disney Odyssey Begins 0

Our Disney Odyssey Begins

Our Disney odyssey started on a cool windy day. Actually, it almost didn’t start. After all the travel and anticipation and excitement, wouldn’t you know that Ben woke up at 5:00 am barfing. Repeatedly....