John Mayer proves there is such a thing

This song always amazes me when I listen to it.

John Mayer seems to get a lot of mixed reviews out there, but when I first heard this song I was captivated. And I still am. It was not his looks (though I get why the girls are gaga over him), but his depth and maturity for such a young guy. Both his lyrics and his song-writing demonstrates a remarkable maturity, I think. The song is richly textured with these complex chords and a lyrical perspective that is beyond his years.

Mayer’s genius, if you will, comes precisely from his sense of being in a “quarter-life crisis” and working his way through it creatively. In his music and writing, he captures a very unique moment in one’s life when youthful indiscretions no longer pass for a life and you have to make a change. In his more recent material, he has strayed quite a ways into the easy-listening pop world, but there are still some insightful gems coming out of him and his guitar.

I’m pretty sure John Mayer is the real thing. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think. Even if its not your favourite song, you gotta love that bass playing!

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