Month: August 2003

Seven and a half weeks

7 and a half weeks today. On Thursday, the twins will be eight weeks old and two months will have passed like a blink of an eye. Apparently, by all accounts, this is how the rest of their life will feel. We have some great […]

Hole in One!

When Ben and Ella were born, I thought I was the luckiest man alive. Now I know I am. Thanks to LA, with help from a few others, I was able to golf Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. Sunday, I shot the first hole-in-one in […]

Horsing around

Here are some pictures of Jay and Ben horsing around…

Can you kiss babies too much? They sure have sweet little cheeks. And when they look in your eyes, it’s enough to melt your heart.

Ben has the oval head shape, wide eyes and olive complexion of Hal and Frank, and the dimple chin of the LA. Ella has the pink complexion and round face of Jay and Pat, but has LA’s eyes all the way.