Month: June 2003

Four more big sleeps

“Four more big sleeps,” LA said, to help me count the days until the section. Well, the sleeps aren’t that big anymore. LA can’t sleep because the twins seem to think they are in one of those inflatable playpens you see at summer fairs and […]

The quiet birthday

One week to go until the twins appear…Today is twinpop’s birthday. I’m not going to discuss the actual birthday number because it’s getting up there. Those of you who know, well you know. Those who don’t can count the gray hairs and do the math. […]

As sweet as Maddy?

One week and two days to the scheduled day. Will they actually wait and arrive at the appointed time? I am pre-occupied by thoughts of the imminent arrival of two new lives. When I’m at work, I see their faces in my imagination. I find myself daydreaming…trying to imagine what they will look like. Will they be as sweet and wonderful as Maddy?

It is hard to imagine that any child could be more wonderful than Maddy. A sweet, caring, beautiful girl. It is truly a blessing to be a part of her life.

Planning and prepping

LA has been working hard over the past several months getting the nursery in order and she has done a fabulous job. We managed to find matching cribs, cute sheets and bumper sets, and a change table. LA repainted an old dresser that I had […]

Twin A and Twin B

Welcome to our new family blog. Here you will find documented our path to twin-parenthood — the preparation, the planning, the worrying, the excitement and, of course, the massive amount of new stuff we have to buy. The babes have been growing well.We ordered one […]