Month: July 2003

Tale of the Tape

Today is Ben and Ella’s 4 week birthday! And the one month visit to the doctor. By all accounts, they both appear to be growing like weeds. In this corner, Ben Palter, weighing in at 8 lbs 15 ounces, head circumference 14 and a half […]

Sun and Moon

The weekend is here and we’ve just finished another great week, during Ben and Ella got to meet and visit with more friends and family. Ralph and Debbie arrived on Thursday night on the way home from Montreal. As always, the visit was spirited and […]

The first smile

She smiled at me, I swear. This was not a typical gaseous stomach smile, this was the real McCoy. Ella smiled and I melted. They’re not supposed to smile until 6-8 weeks, I’m advised. But our kids, they’re advanced 😉 And you should see the neck control they have!

I saw the smile with my own eyes, but it was not captured on video. So, I’ve created another video that is also cute. This one, entitled “almostsleep“, depicts the twins snuggling in the vibrating chair. The scene opens with Ben and Ella snuggled into a chair…and, pretty much, that’s it. Clocking in at four minutes plus, LA thought it was TOO long. So, to enhance the viewing experience, I added a music track to convey the peace the tranquility of those almost sleeping moments. (A special prize goes to anyone who can name the song, the original composer and the performer of this version. Send me an email if you know.)

Tomorrow is the twins’ three week milestone. They are starting to grow fast. And they are developing personalities. Ben is fussier than Ella. Ella is a better sleeper. Ben almost always gets fed first, while Ella seems quite content to get the extra sleep before being awoken. And, of course, Ella smiles very well.

40 weeks of gestation

Yesterday was the two week birthday of the twins. It also marks the official due date of their 40 weeks of gestation. As LA observed, they were supposed to still be inside her until yesterday. I would have written this entry on their actual two-week […]

The eighth day

Today was the eighth day. Today was the bris, the brit milah, the big snip — the ceremonial circumcision of Ben. I slept poorly last night, both anxious about the day’s events and reflecting on their profound relevance to my life. Parents and grandparents blessing […]

Coming home

The babies are now home and getting settled. The biggest change in lifestyle is, of course, staying up half the night trying to make them sleep. Now, what is the deal with their sleep patterns — during the day, they sleep soundly for a good 3 hour stretch at a time, but at night it’s a struggle to get them down. Truth be told, the nights are not too bad so far. We’re getting a couple of 2-3 hour sleeps in between feeding, fussing and changing diapers. Still, I’m getting too old to be dragging my butt out of bed 10-15 times a night. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is looking at their sweet faces when they are (finally) sleeping. Am I a cornball or what?

Thanks for all the cards, email and guestbook postings. Apparently, some people think I have too much time on my hands if I can keep this site updated 😉 Time will become precious, indeed…

Watch for coming features: “Twins leave the hospital in twin car seats”, “We’ll take two, please” and “The Big Snip”.

Changing by the hour

The twins are changing by the hour and Leigh-Anne is recovering well. She’s made up her mind that we’re leaving tomorrow and she’s working hard to manage the pain. The babes are still sleeping a fair bit, but when they’re not, it can be demanding. […]

Two beautiful bundles of joy!

Wow! Two healthy, beautiful bundles of joy. We have been blessed. Benjamin (Ben) and Eleanor (Ella) entered the world yesterday within a span of a few minutes. But getting there was not without challenge. Leigh-Anne was already anxious about the spinal block that was to […]

One more big sleep

One more big sleep. Got the infant seats in the van. Got the bags packed and ready to go. Today was our 3rd wedding anniversary. The thought that we will go to sleep tonight and then wake up and they will arrive tomorrow is, frankly, overwhelming. What an anniversary present!