Ella’s tooth finally comes out

After much anticipation and some consternation, Ella’s tooth finally decided to come out. The blood flow couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm to see what the tooth fairy would bring her. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy had some trouble finding the actual tooth which she had placed between […]

Toothless Ben

Ben survived his first tooth extraction today. A little flavoured laughing gas (“tastes like Pez”), his favourite TV show (Mr. Maker) and some prizes (temporary tattoos) and the kid is a happy camper. He didn’t even realize they stuck two needles in his mouth. What […]

Paula’s 50th

We – Paula’s loyal friends and family – gathered on November 29 to celebrate her 50th birthday. Leigh-Anne outdid herself with a stylish setting and wonderful food and drink. And Paula glowed all night. Anyone who knows Paula and knows Paula’s friends will know how […]

Magic dust

Saturday was dress rehearsal and picture day for the first ballet recital. Ella’s troupe (Baby Ballet, Tuesday class) are doing the Magic Dust dance in Cinderella. When I look at these pictures, it’s as if I’ve been sprinkled with magic dust. It was a warm, […]

Purim faces

We celebrated the first day of spring with a fun-filled Purim carnival. Leigh-Anne did the make-up for everyone.

Hanukkah Party 2007

Lots of planning went into this year’s party, like any other. The latkes were tasty, the food was oily, and the company was chatty. But, can you tell me why the party always concentrates in the kitchen? Leigh-Anne’s thoughtful party favours were a hit with […]

Honouring Mhel

In September, we said goodbye to Mhel and hello to Reycie. Mhel joined us on 2 July 2003 – the day before Ben and Ella arrived. Actually, right around the start of this blog, in case you want to refresh your memory. She has played […]

First day of JK

Arm in arm, they headed off for the first day of JK. Ella in her green sundress. Benny in his aquarium t-shirt, with his baseball hat worn backward and cocked to the side. (“Why do you wear it like that,” I asked him recently. “It’s […]

Princess Ella

She is growing into such a beautiful princess. I could look at this smiling face and never get tired of searching for the future in her eyes.

Benny’s birthday buzz

Benny turned 4 today. And we celebrated with a haircut. A buzz cut, to be exact. Before and after. The pictures speak for themselves. I could hardly watch as the hair came off. The only thing that changed is the hair. But it seems like […]