Month: July 2004

Lori’s Marys

Lori hangin’ with her Marys on Pride Day.

Rude twins

Pictured here are Ben and Ella in their Rude Boy and Rude Girl onesies. They were a gift from Brad and Michelle, long before the babies were would fit them. I remember receiving them and thinking…they’ll never be that big. Well, they grow. Apparently, that […]

Ella’s Eyes

In Ella’s beautiful, blue eyes I see a whole life – of laughter, love and just a little bit of mischief. What do you see?

One year young!

At 5:12 pm today, Ben was one year old. What can I say. I just lived through the best year of my life. Nothing is better than watching your boy grow from a tiny almost 7 pound morsel into a sweetheart of a little fella. […]