Five cousins in new suits

Celebrating the summer of the swim with new suits for everyone.

The Five Amigos

The cousins love each other almost as much as they love a restaurant with a dozen TVs blaring, hot wings and fries and pop by the pitcher. Oh yeah, and a hand full of lollipops on the way out.

Bowen meets Leah

Cousin Bowen welcomes his sister Leah Victoria Ann Palter into the world. Leah arrived on March 4, 2006 (right on schedule), a healthy 7 lbs. 14 ounces.

Out to sea

Frank and Bowen walking out to sea in idyllic Vancouver. This is Bowen’s first trip into the ocean…kinda late for a kid named after an island 😉

Meeting my nephew, Bowen

I travelled to sunny [sic] Vancouver in April to meet my nephew Bowen Patrick J Palter. Quite a fellow, young Bowen. If he turns out half as photogenic as his father, he’ll be a real looker. Sweet and snuggly, I learned quickly that the optimal […]