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The Five Amigos

The Five Amigos

The cousins love each other almost as much as they love a restaurant with a dozen TVs blaring, hot wings and fries and pop by the pitcher. Oh yeah, and a hand full of...

Bowen meets Leah 0

Bowen meets Leah

Cousin Bowen welcomes his sister Leah Victoria Ann Palter into the world. Leah arrived on March 4, 2006 (right on schedule), a healthy 7 lbs. 14 ounces.

Out to sea 0

Out to sea

Frank and Bowen walking out to sea in idyllic Vancouver. This is Bowen’s first trip into the ocean…kinda late for a kid named after an island

Meeting my nephew, Bowen 0

Meeting my nephew, Bowen

I travelled to sunny [sic] Vancouver in April to meet my nephew Bowen Patrick J Palter. Quite a fellow, young Bowen. If he turns out half as photogenic as his father, he’ll be a...