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We have a lot of them and they appear throughout this blog.

Paula’s 50th 0

Paula’s 50th

We – Paula’s loyal friends and family – gathered on November 29 to celebrate her 50th birthday. Leigh-Anne outdid herself with a stylish setting and wonderful food and drink. And Paula glowed all night....

Turtle food

Turtle food

A funny thing happened during our trip to the zoo today. Funny things always seem to happen when David is around.

Epcot, Crush and Viking dudes 0

Epcot, Crush and Viking dudes

Epcot was an enjoyable day. The park was more enjoyable than I was led to believe. The modern design was interesting, though dated in places. Lots of attractions for the kids. Next time, we’ll...

Edan, Eva and Ella 0

Edan, Eva and Ella

Three girls with names starting with E. A coincidence? Maybe it had something to do with the water in Willowdale and Thornhill when we were growing up. Doug and his daughter Eva made their...

Hanukkah Party 2007

Hanukkah Party 2007

Lots of planning went into this year’s party, like any other. The latkes were tasty, the food was oily, and the company was chatty. But, can you tell me why the party always concentrates...

Honouring Mhel

Honouring Mhel

In September, we said goodbye to Mhel and hello to Reycie. Mhel joined us on 2 July 2003 – the day before Ben and Ella arrived. Actually, right around the start of this blog,...

Old Friends 0

Old Friends

Old friends are so important. They help us to remember – where we came from and perhaps where we are going. What a difference a couple of decades makes…

Convocation 2007 0

Convocation 2007

The month of May was a momentous one for the Palter family. Leigh-Anne finally received formal recognition of her amazing achievement in obtaining her Masters degree in Business Administration. It was a beautiful spring...

Our Teletubbies

Our Teletubbies

The big and little twins spent the weekend together on the farm, while mommy and daddy enjoyed a luxurious weekend away. Twins that play together stay together. And they really do bear some resemblance...