Sam Pellegrino

Meet Sam – the newest member of our family. Did I want a new pet? No. Did we want a new cat? Eventually. Could anyone say no to this face? But what about Abigail? Will they get along?

Brady: 1999-2008

It’s been a difficult start to the year. We lost Brady today. It all was rather sudden. His kidneys were failing. He had a heart murmur. Brady was a unique cat. We always thought he was more dog-like than most cats. While independent, he seemed […]


So far, Abby has almost doubled her weight – from about two pounds when we got her to about 3 and a half pounds. Pictured here, she is making herself right at home, snuggling into Ella’s chest.

Oscar: 1991-2008

Oscar arrived in Leigh-Anne and Glenn’s house sometime in 1991. He became Leigh-Anne’s guardian during her difficult pregnancy with Maddy and continued to jealously guard Maddy as an infant and young child. He was a avid swimmer and even managed to learn how to navigate […]

Dear Abby

Meet Abby – the newest addition to our family. Don’t ask me how it happened. Let’s just say a flood of joy has swept over our family. Who would have thought such a little creature could bring such happiness.