Stop steaming your potatoes and bake them

Stop steaming your potatoes and bake them

I’d been doing it wrong for my entire life. Wrapping a potato in tin foil and sticking it in the oven or on a BBQ is more like steaming your potatoes than baking them. If you want the best baked potato ever, try this: 1. […]

A homemade egg salad sandwich

A homemade egg salad sandwich

Life is changing. I guess that’s what it’s meant to do. I’m working more outside the home – and homemaking less. We’ve hired a full-time live-in nanny and we’ve got her doing all kinds of things that I used to do. I now have a […]

If we want more mom execs, we need more dad homemakers

There has been lots of media coverage over the past days about the Conference Board of Canada’s report on the deplorable absence of female executives in Canadian corporations,  but little discussion of the real issues underlying the grim statistics. The situation is not much different […]

Removing water stains from wood furniture and the four stages of grieving

You know that sinking heart feeling you get when someone has left a wet vessel on your wood furniture? You lift it up, dreading the damage that has been done to the furniture, only to have your worst fears confirmed. This happened to me today. […]

The best tofu and daikon sandwich ever

For many people, tofu just doesn’t sound that appetizing. I kinda get that – the whole bean curd thing gets less appealing the more I think about it. But I love tofu – especially the firm variety. I love the taste and the texture. I […]

Those ripening bananas on your counter will go great in these oatmeal muffins

For some reason, I’m finding myself craving home baked goods lately. And I mean craving – jonesing, even. Dinner’s done and I see the browning bananas on the counter and I think to myself: I could whip those into muffins in no time. I tell […]

Can a home made dad have help?

I resisted for some time, but have finally given in. Last week we hired a nanny. My resistance was fairly easily explained. I had stopped working outside the home to move our family out west. I had embraced the whole dad-at-home thing and my identity […]

My favourite latke recipe

Hanukkah is the festival of light…and oil. As the tradition goes, the Maccabees won the war, but the Temple was destroyed in the process. When they returned to the rubble, they found only one intact jug of oil still bearing the high priest’s seal – […]

Waffle Wednesdays is a labour of love

Who doesn’t love a warm waffle drenched in pure maple syrup? I’m not talking about blueberry waffles or fancy Belgian waffles. I’m talking plain old waffles – freshly prepared from scratch. I love making waffles for my family. For me, waffle-making is the essence of home and […]

More economic opportunity for women gives men more domestic options

The Edmonton Journal is running a series about the changing family and this weekend’s installment is about women working and earning more than their male partners – More moms bring home the bacon – for dad to cook. (In our case, it’s chicken or turkey […]