Cord blood storage answers a question you never want to be asked as a parent

Cord blood storage answers a question you never want to be asked as a parent

It wasn’t easy for us to get pregnant. We’d succeeded once, then lost it. We continued trying, but it just wasn’t happening. So we sought help and, through a progressive series of interventions, we succeeded. Sitting in the darkened examination room, the ultrasound technician moved […]

Reinventing the birds and the bees

Reinventing the birds and the bees

I never did understand the term “birds and the bees“. I mean, I know what it idiomatically refers to. I’ve just never understood what birds and bees had to do with explaining sexuality to kids. As if kids already understand the reproductive biology of other […]

Confident in my 50th percentile-ness

It always takes me the first few days of a beach vacation just to get comfortable in the attire, or lack thereof. The wardrobe of the cold wintry north is much more forgiving when it comes to those of us with body image issues. Bulky […]

The best tofu and daikon sandwich ever

For many people, tofu just doesn’t sound that appetizing. I kinda get that – the whole bean curd thing gets less appealing the more I think about it. But I love tofu – especially the firm variety. I love the taste and the texture. I […]

Those ripening bananas on your counter will go great in these oatmeal muffins

For some reason, I’m finding myself craving home baked goods lately. And I mean craving – jonesing, even. Dinner’s done and I see the browning bananas on the counter and I think to myself: I could whip those into muffins in no time. I tell […]

A wimpy guy’s guide to getting a vasectomy

Yesterday, I got snipped. As in, went to Dr. Snippy. As in, got a vas ligation – AKA, a vasectomy. And today, I’m lying in bed thinking: I don’t feel that bad at all. So what was all the anxiety and worrying about? When it […]

The Big V and my top 10 thoughts about getting one

When I was growing up, there was a pharmacy chain that operated in southwestern Ontario called “Big V“. Back then, the “V” in Big V referred to “value”. These days, as my hair takes on a silver tinge and I approach 47 years of life, […]

Experience or intuition: A dad’s dilemma

As a primary parenting dad, I often find myself puffing out my chest about how I can do whatever mom can do. And, in large part, this is not hubris. I shop and cook, I clean and straighten, I provide discipline and/or a cuddle, as […]

Just one of those days

Some days, you just get up on the wrong side of the bed. You know that feeling? Nothing seems to be in sync. You’re missing things and forgetting things and losing things and there is nothing you can do about it. That was my day […]

I’m ok, you’re ok

I’m ok, you’re ok

The foundation on which successful parenting and homemaking is based is your self-esteem as a parent. If you feel good about yourself and and your place in the world, you will be better able to support your family in their growth. Yet, primary parenting — […]