Drop-dead Gorgeous

Well, that’s what I think anyway. Here is the picture that brought me out of blog hibernation. Thanks to David for having a Bar Mitzvah, to Paula and Mary Lou for picking a groovy spot, to Leigh-Anne for dressing them so smartly and to God […]

First Day of SK

Ben and Ella started French Immersion Senior Kindergarten today. They look so big. ;-(

Benny and Yaya at five

This year marks Ben and Ella’s fifth year – a seemingly landmark year. The babies are gone. Well, they still come out once in a while, but they are rapidly moving into the next phase. I met Maddy when she was six. I remember how […]

The dragon and the butterfly

We though Ben was over his stomach problems. So did he. So we were all surprised when he barfed in the van on the way to the Magic Kingdom – again. (Maybe it was something about that park, in particular.) Eventually, the day got straightened […]

Pirates and Princesses

It’s like they’re hardwired for Disney. One wants to be a pirate and the other a princess. And who can argue with a handsome looking pirate and a gorgeous princess?

Honouring Mhel

In September, we said goodbye to Mhel and hello to Reycie. Mhel joined us on 2 July 2003 – the day before Ben and Ella arrived. Actually, right around the start of this blog, in case you want to refresh your memory. She has played […]

First day of JK

Arm in arm, they headed off for the first day of JK. Ella in her green sundress. Benny in his aquarium t-shirt, with his baseball hat worn backward and cocked to the side. (“Why do you wear it like that,” I asked him recently. “It’s […]

Cross dressing for fun

It’s always been their joke on us – for Benny to dress like Ella and for Ella to dress like Benny. Benny just couldn’t resist the velvety pink, leopard-patterned skirt. I mean, who could blame him. It looks great on him!

Swim for your life!

Thanks to James and Mark for these cool t-shirts. Click picture to see us turn around.