Month: June 2008

Pool Construction – Day 15

We’re skipping ahead a bit here, but this is the current view. After several back-breaking days of tilling, sodding, and tree-planting, we’re in the home stretch…

Pool Construction – Day 9

The fence was completed today.

Can we build it? Yes we can!

Leigh-Anne and Fiona outdid themselves this weekend, reconstructing the deck rail to meet the municipal code requirements for an pool enclosure.


Leigh-Anne is available weekends starting in August for offsite construction jobs.

My favourite piece of Maddy art

Maddy is a talented artist and this is one of my favourite pieces she has done.


This preceded her “wing period” in which all she ever draws is wings – birds, mythical winged beings, girls with wings sprouting from their back, and often just plain disembodied wings. Unfortunately, she’s still in the wing period.

Magic dust

Saturday was dress rehearsal and picture day for the first ballet recital. Ella’s troupe (Baby Ballet, Tuesday class) are doing the Magic Dust dance in Cinderella. When I look at these pictures, it’s as if I’ve been sprinkled with magic dust. It was a warm, […]

Pool construction – Day 1


Goodbye backyard

A last glimpse of the backyard before pool construction starts on June 2.