Ella’s tooth finally comes out

After much anticipation and some consternation, Ella’s tooth finally decided to come out.

The blood flow couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm to see what the tooth fairy would bring her. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy had some trouble finding the actual tooth which she had placed between her two pillows rather than under them. Hence the tears in the morning when she found the tooth still ensconced between the pillows and concluded the tooth fairy had not come. There was some visible confusion on her sweet face when she discovered the tooth fairy had left her a $5 bill under the pillow (where the tooth was supposed to go), but just forgot to take the tooth (or, perhaps, couldn’t find it.)

We’re not sure how long the tooth fairy will be coming to our house. After all, this is the girl who figured out 3 months ago that Santa was just the Christian kids’ parents and had to be reminded not to tell all her friends of her revelation.