Old Friends

Old friends are so important. They help us to remember – where we came from and perhaps where we are going. What a difference a couple of decades makes…

Maddy’s Bat Mitzvah

All that planning and preparation, months of practicing and it was all over in the blink of an eye. Maddy was remarkably poised, Leigh-Anne was proud and I was beaming. Photography for the event was ably handled by Jessica on whose blog site you can […]

Convocation 2007

The month of May was a momentous one for the Palter family. Leigh-Anne finally received formal recognition of her amazing achievement in obtaining her Masters degree in Business Administration. It was a beautiful spring day on the campus. I love this picture of Leigh-Anne and […]

School Chums

The other day, I asked Ella who was her best friend at school. “Ben,” she said.

Trick or Treating

Ben was a lion. Ella was an elephant. When Ben arrived at the doors, he’d say: “Trick or treating.” I corrected him at the next couple of doors. Then, he turned to me and said: “It’s ‘Trick or Treat’, not ‘Trick or Treating’, right Dad?” […]

The eighth day

Today was the eighth day. Today was the bris, the brit milah, the big snip — the ceremonial circumcision of Ben. I slept poorly last night, both anxious about the day’s events and reflecting on their profound relevance to my life. Parents and grandparents blessing […]