Twin A and Twin B

Welcome to our new family blog. Here you will find documented our path to twin-parenthood — the preparation, the planning, the worrying, the excitement and, of course, the massive amount of new stuff we have to buy.

The babes have been growing well.We ordered one of each — a boy and a girl — and that’s exactly what’s been shipped.

But Ben (we already named them) is presenting first and, well, he thinks he’s coming out bum first. Ella is the second one out and less decisive about her position. During the last ultrasound, she flipped around three times in the course of the examination.

So, it’s now less than two weeks until the scheduled C-section and Leigh-Anne is looking and feeling pretty great. I mean, she isn’t always thrilled about being 117 cm around and carrying an extra 45 pounds, but she’s dealing with it quite well. (For those of you who are metric challenged… LA is attempting to illustrate her new waiste size by holding up a length of measuring tape in the adjacent photo.)