Four more big sleeps

“Four more big sleeps,” LA said, to help me count the days until the section. Well, the sleeps aren’t that big anymore. LA can’t sleep because the twins seem to think they are in one of those inflatable playpens you see at summer fairs and stripmall midways — jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls. You have to see it to believe it! I am sleeping lightly and waking up at night thinking there must be something to do. Soon enough, there will be more to do than can be imagined. I guess our bodies are preparing us for sleepless nights.

More home activities planned for today — stocking the new freezer in the basement, yardwork, garage organizing, and generally feathering of the nest.

(The twins pictured to the right are in a very similar position to ours. The presenting baby boy is breech, but baby girl is positioned head down.)