Convocation 2007

The month of May was a momentous one for the Palter family. Leigh-Anne finally received formal recognition of her amazing achievement in obtaining her Masters degree in Business Administration.

It was a beautiful spring day on the campus. I love this picture of Leigh-Anne and her classmate and fellow troublemaker James Miller – both because it captures them in their gowns against the classic backdrop of the Queen’s campus and, in the bottom right corner, there’s little Benny peeking in.

Successful completion of an executive MBA is not only an individual accomplishment, but a reflection of a team’s intense struggles and mutual support over a grueling 15 month period. Leigh-Anne was fortunate to have teammates (pictured below) of exceptional character and commitment. They owe their MBAs, in part, to each other.

Partnerships of all kinds contribute to the success of the MBA. James had Mark (among others). Leigh-Anne had Jay (along with Maddy, Ben and Ella, Linda, Hal, Karen, Mhel, Paul, etc.).

In the end, what’s a party without balloons. James helped Benny and Ella “liberate” some party favours.

The end of a long and fulfilling day.

Congratulations to my beautiful and intelligent wife, Leigh-Anne. Your accomplishment is truly awesome!

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