The dragon and the butterfly

We though Ben was over his stomach problems. So did he. So we were all surprised when he barfed in the van on the way to the Magic Kingdom – again. (Maybe it was something about that park, in particular.)

Eventually, the day got straightened out and Ben was back to his normal non-barfing, high-spirited self.

In my typical grinch-like fashion, I bemoaned the line-up and the price of the facepainting at Disney. But, as you can see, it was fabulous. And they loved it so much.


Thank god for Leigh-Anne. Sometimes, she just knows the right thing to do so long before I get it. It’s scary.

Speaking of scary…check out Ben!


And who could say no to a sweet butterfly face like this?


080311_liora_bday.jpgHighlights of this trip to the Magic Kingdom: Barn Burner kid coaster (Ben and I went 4 times), Dumbo ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, McDonald’s fries, 3D movie.

This wonderful day ended with a pizza dinner around the pool and a birthday cake for Liora who was lucky enough to be celebrating her ninth birthday at Disney.

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