Happy kids do chores

My seven year olds are begging for me to give them chores. What they are really after is an allowance, but the whole thing has got me thinking.

They seem to like doing chores because it gives them a sense of accomplishment. And they are still quite a ways away from the dreaded teen years when they roll their eyes and grunt when you ask them to do anything.

This hit me like a brick the other day. My sweet, lovable daughter was scolding me for not having her laundry in her drawers in the morning when she was getting dressed. Hold on a minute. I’m not your servant! Or am I?

I’ve certainly acted that way for much of her seven years, so I can’t really blame her for expecting me to continue.

I think this is what the education experts refer to as a learning moment – when you suddenly become conscious and realize what you are doing and how you want to change it.

So, as of yesterday, all seven year olds in my house are required to collect all clean and folded laundry, carry it to their rooms and put it away neatly in their dressers. Before they watch TV or get on the computer or play their Wii or DS games.

Even if you have someone who helps you with your laundry, there is no reason why the kids can’t put theirs away.

And everyone will be the better for it.

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