Make your stainless appliances sparkle again

Remember how shiny those stainless steel appliances were when you were looking at them in the showroom?

Now that they’re at home in your kitchen, they come into daily contact with grubby little paws and it’s starting to show.

Every try wiping them with a wet dishrag? Don’t bother. How about using one of those special stainless steel cleansers? Why do that when you already have a miracle cleaner right in your kitchen.

Here’s the recipe for your miraculous stainless steel cleaner:

1. Get some baking soda.

2. Mix in a few drops of liquid dish soap.

3. Take a wet dishrag and wipe this mixture on your stained stainless.

4. Wipe off with a clean dishrag.

5. Buff with a tea towel if you have a tendency toward OCD.

Ta da!

Now, try it when your wife isn’t around and see what kind of reaction you get.

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