How about Domestic Engineer, RHB?

real_human_beingYou blog and you blog and you blog and sometimes you wonder if there is anyone out there.

Well, someone is out there. And they have been concerned about my anguish over the whole role definition of the primary parenting father.

So today, at the urging of one of this blog’s most dedicated readers, I am going to try on my new title: Domestic Engineer, RBH.

(RHB, I am told, is a professional certification required for this position. It stands for “real human being”. My RBH pin and accompanying letter is pictured here.)

In this role, I have a wide variety of responsibilities. I did some research and based on these responsibilities and the overtime requirements associated with them, my compensation as a Domestic Engineer would be in the low six figures. My rough calculations are below, but you can do one for yourself at the cool online stay-at-home-parent salary calculator.


Apparently, there is a wage gap between stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads, with the dads playing catch-up. This is largely due to the tendency for moms to still shoulder the burden of the household chores, despite the fact that they may also be working outside the home.

I still think it’s nice work if you can get it, but how will it look on my resume?

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