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Primary parenting dads take a lot of crap (and I’m not talking about diapers)

Increasingly, dads are choosing to play a primary parenting role in the lives of their kids and families. And they’re doing it for a variety of reasons: emotional, cultural and economic. But don’t for a minute think that society’s attitude to what has traditionally been […]

If we want more mom execs, we need more dad homemakers

There has been lots of media coverage over the past days about the Conference Board of Canada’s report on the deplorable absence of female executives in Canadian corporations,  but little discussion of the real issues underlying the grim statistics. The situation is not much different […]

8 lessons social media taught me about being a better parent (interactive multimedia version)

I originally wrote this as an article.

As part of an experiment in repurposing content in a different form, I authored this version as an interactive slide presentation. I wanted to get away from the standard web page layout and to intensify the experience of the content by adding some compelling images and a soundtrack. I think these elements help focus the mind, while at the same time adding non-verbal elements to the experience.

In the course of creating this version of the presentation, I discovered SlideRocket and it rocked my world. More about that in a coming post.

Please check out the presentation and leave your feedback. Note: maximize screen for optimal viewing.

Special thanks to Darryl Luscombe for use of his superb photography.

Paying it forward on Father’s Day

Do we need a day to thank our fathers for all they do and have done? Well, of course we do. At least, a day. Father’s Day, for me, is the ultimate paying it forward holiday. We start, as children, being taught to honour our […]