G-rated movies still require parental guidance

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  1. masue says:

    Couldn’t agree more – any particular movie really get your goat lately?

    • Jay Palter says:

      What triggered this post was a film called Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Curiously, IMDB shows it as PG rating, but our Shaw cable on demand movie system showed it as G. Apparently, that’s another problem: How can a PG movie be mis-rated as G?

      My sense is that the rating system is completely USELESS and, if you care about this stuff, you need to do your own research on movies before the kids watch them. How likely is that?

      • Lars says:

        See – that’s the thing: ignore ratings. They are not done by you, they are not done according to what is important to you. They may be mistaken.

        My advice is to watch things with your kids. To talk about what you’re watching. Especially with smaller kids. Movies offer lots of opportunities to talk about important topics; take those opportunities. If you talk, your values, your pow will be clear to you kids. They get to see who you are, and they value that.

        The stereotyping of gender roles, the sexism, etc – bugs me too. And not just in movies, it’s everywhere. Talk to the kids about it. It’s an important topic, and no-one is better places than you, the father, to give a sane message.

        • Jay Palter says:

          Great points, Lars. Watching and debriefing with your kids is the most effective way to engage and teach because it shows your interest in what they think, a commitment to open discussion and thoughtful consideration of all ideas.

          • Lars says:

            Exactly. Also, lots of things that *are* age appropriate are still great springboards for conversation – about nature, about family, about friendship, etc. Just like reading together.

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