Personal Time

The joy of the solo roadtrip

A vehicle and an open road. A destination without a fixed itinerary. Why does this excite me so? I think I know the answer. From an early age, driving was the definitive form of freedom. I got my learners permit – also known as a […]

Reverse engineering my own coffeehouse mix

I’ve been spending some time lately in a local coffeehouse while my boy takes a Kung Fu class. I have a skinny latte and try to squeeze in an hour of work before rushing out the door to pick up the boy. It just so […]

John Mayer proves there is such a thing

This song always amazes me when I listen to it. John Mayer seems to get a lot of mixed reviews out there, but when I first heard this song I was captivated. And I still am. It was not his looks (though I get why […]

G-rated movies still require parental guidance

I am a bit ticked off by the movie rating system. We are led to believe that G rated movies are family friendly and, in the absence of the PG rating, that we don’t need to make any judgement calls. But that is not quite […]

Groovy lounge and jazz tunes for your next cocktail party

Do you like contemporary groovy lounge sounds mixed with mid-20th century jazz? Well, I do. And if I’m throwing a cocktail party and want some cool tunes, this is it. The best of the best, as far as I am concerned. I am also playing […]

How to throw a great 40th birthday for your spouse

Picture this: a beautiful condo overlooking downtown Vancouver, 20 good friends, half a dozen bottles of Veuve chilling on ice. That was the recent scene of my wife’s 40th birthday celebration. She loved it! And I was blown away by how many people left the […]

More economic opportunity for women gives men more domestic options

The Edmonton Journal is running a series about the changing family and this weekend’s installment is about women working and earning more than their male partners – More moms bring home the bacon – for dad to cook. (In our case, it’s chicken or turkey […]

Try to make sense of the things that you think

I love Ben Folds. He’s smart and funny and he makes lovely, very personal and human music. And he’s quite the collaborator. I came across this video today and love it. Take a listen…

Havdalah under the stars at Camp George

Our Temple Emanu-El Shabbaton concluded with a Havdalah service under the stars on a crisp, clear evening in February. Ella holds our family’s candle just before it is extinguished in the wine cup signifying the end of Shabbat and the beginning of another week. For […]

Happy Hannukah

We celebrated with all of our friends and family on the last night of Hannukah. The Levees couldn’t make it, but they certainly have some rockin’ Hannukah tunes.