4 reasons I love being a working Mr. Mom

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post called “Primary Parental Unit” which was recently reprinted on Role/Reboot. Prompted by the reprint request, I reread the original post and felt it deserved an update. When we originally came west to Alberta from Ontario, […]

A homemade egg salad sandwich

A homemade egg salad sandwich

Life is changing. I guess that’s what it’s meant to do. I’m working more outside the home – and homemaking less. We’ve hired a full-time live-in nanny and we’ve got her doing all kinds of things that I used to do. I now have a […]

Screw hockey, I want my kid to learn how to be creative

A few weeks ago, I Tweeted: Screw hockey. I want my kid to learn how to make apps! #yeg #dadstalking — Jay Palter (@jaypalter) November 22, 2011 At the time, I was inspired by Thomas Suarez TEDx talk on kids making apps: I wasn’t […]

If we want more mom execs, we need more dad homemakers

There has been lots of media coverage over the past days about the Conference Board of Canada’s report on the deplorable absence of female executives in Canadian corporations,  but little discussion of the real issues underlying the grim statistics. The situation is not much different […]

One-on-one face time with your kid is good for the soul

When you’ve got young twins like me – a boy and a girl – most activities are done together. That’s how I describe the benefits of twins to people: most of the time, I say, it’s not double the work because the kids are at […]

8 lessons social media taught me about being a better parent (interactive multimedia version)

I originally wrote this as an article. As part of an experiment in repurposing content in a different form, I authored this version as an interactive slide presentation. I wanted to get away from the standard web page layout and to intensify the experience of […]

8 lessons social media can teach you about being a great dad

I work as a social media consultant to professionals, which means I help them develop authentic personal brands online. I’m also a primary parenting dad, which means I’m the one who holds down the fort on a daily basis – not my wife. In the course […]

Paying it forward on Father’s Day

Do we need a day to thank our fathers for all they do and have done? Well, of course we do. At least, a day. Father’s Day, for me, is the ultimate paying it forward holiday. We start, as children, being taught to honour our […]

Can a home made dad have help?

I resisted for some time, but have finally given in. Last week we hired a nanny. My resistance was fairly easily explained. I had stopped working outside the home to move our family out west. I had embraced the whole dad-at-home thing and my identity […]

The Big V and my top 10 thoughts about getting one

When I was growing up, there was a pharmacy chain that operated in southwestern Ontario called “Big V“. Back then, the “V” in Big V referred to “value”. These days, as my hair takes on a silver tinge and I approach 47 years of life, […]