The Love of Twins

There is really nothing I can imagine that seems to come close to the love these two little people obviously feel for each other. From the first glimmer of life squeezed into the womb, they have been together – close together. When I ask Ella […]

Bathtime Mohawks

The other night, I started running the bath. Thought I’d get a jump on bathtime. Then I came downstairs to collect my charges. “But dad, what about treats. We didn’t have our treat yet,” Ella protested. “OK, have a quick treat,” I caved. Then, get […]


A few weekends ago, we bought skates. I thought, swing by the skate exchange and pick up a few pairs and off we go. I didn’t put it altogether. You can’t just put your precious 3 and a half year old on ice without a […]

School Chums

The other day, I asked Ella who was her best friend at school. “Ben,” she said.

Trick or Treating

Ben was a lion. Ella was an elephant. When Ben arrived at the doors, he’d say: “Trick or treating.” I corrected him at the next couple of doors. Then, he turned to me and said: “It’s ‘Trick or Treat’, not ‘Trick or Treating’, right Dad?” […]

Crazy Frog in the House

Thanks to James and Mark for the Crazy Frog invasion. Note: Click here if you want to download and view offline.

Our First BBQ

The season’s first BBQ enjoyed in late April!

Sleepy smirkers

Getting ready for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Snow angels

With the coming of the first snow of the season, Benny and Ella ventured into the back yard to make our first snow angels and snow men. (Click on the picture to pop up a larger view.)