Five cousins in new suits

Celebrating the summer of the swim with new suits for everyone.

Benny and Yaya at five

This year marks Ben and Ella’s fifth year – a seemingly landmark year. The babies are gone. Well, they still come out once in a while, but they are rapidly moving into the next phase. I met Maddy when she was six. I remember how […]

Canada Day Cakes

Canada is a great place to live. Home of the beaver and the maple leaf. So, we celebrated Canada Day this year with some homemade maple leaf cakes. Here is the recipe for the coolest Canada Day cakes in the country: 1. Make two batches […]

My favourite piece of Maddy art

Maddy is a talented artist and this is one of my favourite pieces she has done. This preceded her “wing period” in which all she ever draws is wings – birds, mythical winged beings, girls with wings sprouting from their back, and often just plain […]

Magic dust

Saturday was dress rehearsal and picture day for the first ballet recital. Ella’s troupe (Baby Ballet, Tuesday class) are doing the Magic Dust dance in Cinderella. When I look at these pictures, it’s as if I’ve been sprinkled with magic dust. It was a warm, […]

Sam Pellegrino

Meet Sam – the newest member of our family. Did I want a new pet? No. Did we want a new cat? Eventually. Could anyone say no to this face? But what about Abigail? Will they get along?

Purim faces

We celebrated the first day of spring with a fun-filled Purim carnival. Leigh-Anne did the make-up for everyone.