So far, Abby has almost doubled her weight – from about two pounds when we got her to about 3 and a half pounds. Pictured here, she is making herself right at home, snuggling into Ella’s chest.

Ella gets glasses

We thought it was going to be Ben. Since turning 3, he had cracked his head significantly at least three times. We had repaired his tooth and taken him to the hospital for stitches. Perhaps he had a problem with his eyesight. Nope. Perfect eyesight. […]

Princess Eleanor Esther

The blathering of my gushing heart will only take away from this picture. Who am I to have been blessed with a princess as beautiful as this? A very lucky king, indeed.

Fisherman Bears

Little Bear loves to fish with his father. He even has a stuffed bear toy called Fisherman Bear. So when Ben asked me to take him fishing, I immediately thought of Grandpa Hal. Armed with the Dora fishing rods and our tackle boxes, we headed […]

Princess Ella

She is growing into such a beautiful princess. I could look at this smiling face and never get tired of searching for the future in her eyes.

The Love of Twins

There is really nothing I can imagine that seems to come close to the love these two little people obviously feel for each other. From the first glimmer of life squeezed into the womb, they have been together – close together. When I ask Ella […]

Walletsized Benny and Ella

They went to nursury school as toddlers in September. I remember being so worried about them, telling LA that they were too small. Deep down inside, I didn’t want to let go of the toddlers. And now, they’re all grown up. What’s a dad to […]

Ella at Three

Ella has developed into a precocious little three year old. She is smart as can be and is rapidly learning how to manage her brother. She loves playing make-believe games with older girls (pronounced “gerls”). She is quite capable of going very high on the […]