Benny’s birthday buzz

Benny turned 4 today. And we celebrated with a haircut. A buzz cut, to be exact. Before and after. The pictures speak for themselves. I could hardly watch as the hair came off. The only thing that changed is the hair. But it seems like […]

The Love of Twins

There is really nothing I can imagine that seems to come close to the love these two little people obviously feel for each other. From the first glimmer of life squeezed into the womb, they have been together – close together. When I ask Ella […]

Smiles and laughing

At night, we play a game with his shirt. I pull it over his head and leave it dangling down his back like long locks. “Look at my long hair, dad.” I remember I used to do that when I was small. It seemed so […]

Walletsized Benny and Ella

They went to nursury school as toddlers in September. I remember being so worried about them, telling LA that they were too small. Deep down inside, I didn’t want to let go of the toddlers. And now, they’re all grown up. What’s a dad to […]

Ben at Three

Ben is a handsome and charming little fellow. Fond of his “Chicks Dig Me” t-shirt, he loves anything motorized – “diggers” (construction equipment), “michael-cycles” (motorcycles), “kakikucks” (firetrucks). His favourite word at three is “why”. And he has become accustomed to asking what time it is, […]

Fireman Benny

Volunteer firefighter and wagon driver Benny, pictured here in rainy Vancouver while visiting his cousins Bowen and Leah.

Benny’s Haircut

Benny finally got over his haircut phobia. Much thanks to Paula at Melonheads for making it a memorable experience! Click on the picture to see a short video of Benny’s new haircut.

He’s “soooo cute”

The sweetest, handsomest, craziest-haired little fella in the world. No, I mean Ben. Caught in a rare pose with a normal smile – not saying “cheese” and scrunching up his little face like he usually does for photos. He’s “soooo cute”, as his sister Ella […]


Benny wanted to show Mommy his hood as soon as he put it on tonight, so he posed for this exclusive photograph. Complete with his famous “cheese” smile.

Funkadelic Benny

Beware of the Funkmaster. Watch out Bootsy.