Paying it forward on Father’s Day

Do we need a day to thank our fathers for all they do and have done? Well, of course we do. At least, a day.

Father’s Day, for me, is the ultimate paying it forward holiday. We start, as children, being taught to honour our fathers on this third Sunday in June. I distinctly remember, after graduating out of the home made gift phase, spending hours at the mall searching for that perfect tie that would suit both my dad’s tastes and my budget. I was so proud of my find; he was so gracious.

I don’t think we can ever really thank our parents for what they do for us. It goes beyond gratitude. We stand on their shoulders, individually and collectively. And we do the same for our own children – we lift them up, we carry them, and we enable them to envision a future of promise.

That’s why I see Father’s Day as a day we are reminded to paying it forward. As children, we’re taught to thank our dads – before we really appreciate the depth of gratitude we owe. When we become dads, that gratitude we learned to express as children comes back to us in the form of our own children’s thanks.

In fact, isn’t paying it forward the essence of parenthood? We endow our children with a loving upbringing with no real expectation of repayment, but rather the hope that they will do the same for their children.

A Father’s Day post wouldn’t be complete without some expressions of gratitude:

To my dad, Hal, who brought me into this world and has supported me the whole way;

To John, who stepped in and generously gave me opportunities to grow;

To my children, whose expressions of love and gratitude throughout the year – not only on Father’s Day – fill me with joy and abundant satisfaction.

Below are my Father’s Day gifts. From Ella, a beautiful mosaic with my Hebrew name (Avraham).

From Ben, I received a golf ball inscribed with his name, his favourite Hot Wheel car and $1.08 – all of which was accompanied by a priceless expression of his love.

Maddy is in the process of preparing a special cupcake creation which I am certain will be scrumptious.

And what would Father’s Day be without a tip of the hat to my wife, without whom I couldn’t be the father I am.

I am a lucky man.

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