Happiness on vacation is…

Renting a house with a games room that features an original 1982 Galaga console and scoring over 140,000 on the first day.

Turning your kids on to a video game made in 1982.

Finding a grapefruit tree in your backyard loaded with heavy, ripe fruit.

Wireless access, poolside on the new MacBook Pro.

Coming from frigid Edmonton to a Palm Springs desert heatwave in April.

A bar fridge full of Coronas and Dead Guy Ale.

A 28-hour solo road trip, including a night in Vegas, before meeting the family.

Bike rides in the early morning desert heat.

Discovering a truly excellent cup of cappuccino at Espresso Cielo in Palm Springs.

Reading any novel Jonathan Franzen. (In my case, it’s The Corrections.)

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