Ice candle holders are an easy, kid-friendly craft for a snowy weekend

We’ve spent the last two weekends shoveling snow into increasingly massive piles that line our driveway, watching movies and reading. And when we got bored with all that, we turned to a simple and fun craft: making ice candles.

I’m not so much of an arts and “craps” (as my daughter used to call it when she was little) dad, despite the title of this blog which I intended a bit more figuratively, so these ice candle holders were a perfect craft for me: simple and no mess.

So, here’s how we made them:

  • Get five large plastic containers (one for each person in our family).
  • Fill each container with cold water, about one finger deep, and place in freezer or outside on a table. This step is important so you have a bottom on the candle. When the bottom is frozen, move to the next step.
  • Mix water and food colouring. We started with blue and yellow.
  • Find a glass that fits inside the plastic container with enough room around it to form the side of the candle holders. Place a glass with a in the middle of the container and hold it in place with an elastic band.
  • Pour the coloured water along the sides of the glass and fill almost to the top of the container. Repeat with different coloured water (or the same colour, if that’s what you want to do) for each container.
  • Place the filled container in the freezer, or again, outside if you are fortunate to live in the great white north.
  • When frozen, remove the glass from the centre and remove the candle holder from the plastic container. Put a tea light candle in the cavity and light.
  • Now, place your ice candle holders on your snow piles lining your driveway. Or, better yet, place them in various spots in your backyard (which is often darker).
  • There, wasn’t that nice and easy and cool. Just make sure you enjoy them from inside the house.

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