Oscar: 1991-2008

OscarOscar arrived in Leigh-Anne and Glenn’s house sometime in 1991. He became Leigh-Anne’s guardian during her difficult pregnancy with Maddy and continued to jealously guard Maddy as an infant and young child. He was a avid swimmer and even managed to learn how to navigate the ladder out of the pool, sparing the vinyl lining.

I first met Oscar in 1999 and he quickly became a friend. In 2000, as I was struggling to find a rope to throw my mother as she decended into Alzheimer’s induced dementia, Leigh-Anne suggested that Oscar might be the perfect companion. So Oscar moved to London to live with Pat and John.

Pat grew to love Oscar and he was a superb companion. But nothing could stop the Alzheimers and eventually Pat had to move out, leaving John and Oscar – a couple of old dogs – as housemates.

Oscar died peacefully in Leigh-Anne’s arms on Monday January 7, 2008. He touched many lives as a caring and loving companion. He will be missed. Rest in peace, Oscar.

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