Sun and Moon

The weekend is here and we’ve just finished another great week, during Ben and Ella got to meet and visit with more friends and family.

Ralph and Debbie arrived on Thursday night on the way home from Montreal. As always, the visit was spirited and full of laughs and eating. They came bearing food and spirits: a pile of Schwartz’s smoked meat and a bottle of Chicoutai. Smoked meat is a “brisket” or the breast of beef rubbed with a blend of spices and salt, then slowly smoked in the open air over maple and hickory woods. The result is a juicy, tender piece of meat that is full of flavour. Schwartz’s is a legendary purveyor of said meat. Chicoutai, I learned while polishing off a bottle, is a uniquely Quebec ‘digestif’ made from the rare cloudberry.

However, the most touching part of the visit was a special gift of handmade quilts for Ben and Ella – the moon for Ben and the sun for Ella. These were made by Debbie herself and the gesture just overwhelmed LA and I.

So, thanks Debbie and Ralph for being so thoughtful. Here’s a little video of our sun and moon.

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