40 weeks of gestation

Yesterday was the two week birthday of the twins. It also marks the official due date of their 40 weeks of gestation. As LA observed, they were supposed to still be inside her until yesterday.

I would have written this entry on their actual two-week birthday, but I was too exhausted. We (as in they, the babies) had a restless previous night and we (as in the parents) didn’t get much sleep. I had just finished bragging to people about all the sleep we were getting. Thankfully, last night they were back to being good sleepers and we got a nice 5 hour stretch of uninterupted sleep. What a difference that makes.

They are already changing after two week. Ben is growing, his face is filling out and he is getting heavier and stronger. Ella is still small (we nicknamed her “dolly” because she is about as small as a little dolly), but she is also getting stronger and demonstrating excellent neck movement.

We had our first twin-parents-bonding experience yesterday evening. Sitting in front of our house, we were approached by a woman walking a 15-month old infant. We learned immediately that she had twins at home too — two girls 3 months old. This twin mother (who we had never met before) was so interested in all our details: the names, the birth weights, how we were sleeping. We were reassured by this friendly neighbour that the nights would get better, the babies would sleep more and eat less (LA breathed a silent sigh of relief) and they would grow. Hers were already 13 pounds at 3 months. (But I like them small. They are easy to carry, especially when you are half asleep at night. Don’t grow up so fast babies! It’s amazing how soon you start wanting your kids to stay small 😉

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