The eighth day

Today was the eighth day. Today was the bris, the brit milah, the big snip — the ceremonial circumcision of Ben. I slept poorly last night, both anxious about the day’s events and reflecting on their profound relevance to my life.

Parents and grandparents blessing Ben and Ella

Maddy and Ella (left)and Grandpa Hal and Jay tending to Ben (right)

By the time of the event, I was a father bursting with pride and joy. My precious little boy was well-mannered and brave as he underwent the procedure. And my sweet little girl was calm and serene as the community welcomed her.

I cannot remember a better week in my life. Everything has changed and will change more. I am so in love with those babies.

Here is a little video piece of us coming home from the hospital earlier this week. It is entitled: We’ll Take Two.