Changing by the hour

The twins are changing by the hour and Leigh-Anne is recovering well. She’s made up her mind that we’re leaving tomorrow and she’s working hard to manage the pain. The babes are still sleeping a fair bit, but when they’re not, it can be demanding. Since I can’t help out much with the breast feeding, I’m batting clean-up, if you know what I mean. And I’m getting to be quite good at it, actually. I’ve also been moonlighting as the team photographer, videographer, and computer technician. Hey, someone’s gotta record history, ya know.

New video: Babies looking cute (while doing nothing in particular)


So I’ve edited together a few clips of the babes cooing and generally looking cute. For those of you who can’t be here and wish you could see them, we hope this helps. But, be forewarned: “The following video may contain scenes of extreme cuteness. Parental (or grand-parental) guidance is strongly advised. Some viewers may nod off causing injury or embarrassment.”

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