Two beautiful bundles of joy!

Wow! Two healthy, beautiful bundles of joy. We have been blessed.

Benjamin (Ben) and Eleanor (Ella) entered the world yesterday within a span of a few minutes. But getting there was not without challenge. Leigh-Anne was already anxious about the spinal block that was to be administered for the c-section. When she learned that the anaesthetist intern had only been on the job 3 days, her anxiety grew. (How was I to know that a new batch of interns started on July 1…so that’s what they meant by “teaching hospital”…duh.) So, after the intern tried and failed to administer the spinal block, the real anaesthetist tried and failed. Then they left the room and regrouped.

When they returned, the strategy changed to administering an epidural. Same result…after much pain and discomfort, Leigh-Anne could still move both her legs. Not exactly a condition for undergoing a c-section. So, the plan changed again. Now, it would have to be general anaesthesia.

Fretting and worrying, I left the room and paced. All the while, Leigh-Anne rose to the occasion and was the hero of the day — delivering two wonderful healthy babies. See for yourself — Real video footage of the beautiful twins. (Download the free Real Player.)

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